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Farmer BnB

Surrounded by concrete roads, buildings, pollution and traffic, we are as far away from nature as anyone can be. We need to break away from all this chaos, from this routine, and go back to our roots, in order to find solace.

Image Courtesy: Grassroutes

Vodafone presents Farmer BnB™, a unique way to experience the calming lifestyle of a village closer than you have ever seen.
So, plan a getaway with Grassroutes for an authentic village experience and help a farmer over a weekend.

*Vodafone Farmer BnB™ is an initiative by Vodafone KisaanMitr, an SMS alert service that gives farmers daily updates pertaining to weather, market prices, government schemes and much more.

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Image Courtesy: Grassroutes

Thank you for expressing your interest in Vodafone Farmer BnB™, an initiative by Vodafone in partnership with Grassroutes. Our representative from Grassroutes will get in touch with you within 48 hours (Mon- Sat).
We look forward to welcoming you.